Three hundred and eighteen years have passed since Aegon the Conqueror first landed at the spot that is now known as King’s Landing and waged his war of conquest across Westeros. Now, after the worst conflict Westeros has ever seen, the continent has not been as fragmented since the days of the petty kings of the First Men. Now is a time of dangers and chaos in the ruins of bloodshed that changed the world forever.

Shattered Kingdoms is a game that builds over several other A Song of Ice and Fire games run by Tet’Nak. These games all occur in the same continuity. Some have come before and inspired Shattered Kingdoms, others simply exist within the same continuity buy have no direct impact on each other.

Shattered Kingdoms is an A Song of Ice and Fire, Play-by-Post game run on Fellowship of the Dice.

Shattered Kingdoms